Josephine Bushby: VP (Societies Development)

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Hiya! I'm Josephine, your Vice-President for Societies Development at Brookes.

If you were curious, I'm a graduate of Sociology, with a minor in Communication, Media and Culture. Prior to being elected, I worked as a swimming coach, a receptionist, a journalist and photographer, an editor, a florist, a waitress and a bouncer, amongst other things. For what it's worth, I can also juggle, peel satsumas in one go, and am great at colour coordinating.

Alas, humour isn’t my strong point, but I am incredibly excited for this year. During my studies, I got involved as an Academic Rep for my course, and was on the committee of one of the biggest societies at Brookes. Getting involved with the Union was one of the best decisions of my university life, and I feel hugely privileged to have been elected for this role. Looking forward to seeing you around!

You can reach me on

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