Sharelle Holdsworth: VP (Societies Development)

Head shot of Sharelle


My name is Sharelle Holdsworth and I’m the VP: Societies Development. I studied joint honours English Language and Communication with Media, Culture and Communication at university and thoroughly enjoyed the three years I spent at Oxford Brookes. I’ll miss it!


In my third year at Brookes, I decided to set up Brookes Talks: Public Speaking Society as there wasn’t then a society for public speaking. Over the last year, this has provided me with a variety of different skills and knowledge about the ins and outs of societies and so it would have been a shame to waste them! This is why I ran for VP of Society Development, so that I could share this knowledge and work together with you. The other reason is that I’m outgoing, fun and love to get involved with different events! “So much room for activities!”


At university, I am a strong believer in the saying “the students come first”. Over the course of the three years, you grow, you change and you evolve so much, and over the next year as VP of Society Development it is my duty to ensure that you get the most out of societies, through endless support, optimism and opportunities – after all £9,000 a year is not cheap! This coming year is an exciting one as already there are several goals to be achieved. Firstly, I want to not only continue to work with societies to improve their events and activities, but also to encourage “society start-up”. This is for those students who see a missing gap in the current societies at Brookes and want to take on the rewarding challenge of starting up their own. Additionally, working towards making societies more inclusive for ALL students is also on the list, as well as focusing on improving mental health around the university by creating events and working on campaigns that stress the importance of social connections, healthy eating and exercise. 


Of course, as VP of Societies Development, I will aim to be the best link possible between students and the university by representing you and your voice in meetings, while implementing change for overall impact and improvement to create a strong sense of togetherness and community.

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