'Lad Culture' Policy

'Lad Culture' Policy

This Union acknowledges that sexism and 'lad culture' is a major issue within Brookes University as well as the wider higher education sector.

This Union opposes sexist and misogynistic publications and media.

This Union resolves to:

1. Not associate with or show support for any publication which the Brookes Union's Student Council feels is, in an way, promoting or reinforcing sexist or misogynistic ideals;

  • That the Women's Officer should resent to the Student Council a list of publications that should be included (subject to a Council majority vote).
  • That an student can ask Council to add individual publications to that list (subject to a Council majority vote).

2. Publicly support the 'say not to page 3' campaign, through its presence online and on social media;

3. Take on the issue of 'lad culture' on our campuses, as a major problem faced by Universities across the sector (as highlighted by the NUS report 'That's What She Said') through active campaigns against sexism, misogynistic behaviour and negative attitudes towards women, as well as campaigns to promote awareness of consent led by the Women's Officer.


Proposed by: Claire Mayne

Ratified by Trustee Board on: 12 December 2013

Expires on: 12 December 2016

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