No Platform Policy

No Platform Policy

This Union believes:

  1. That racism is still rife in all aspects of society and that it should be confronted wherever it is found;
  2. That in line with it's equal opportunities policy, the Union should be at the forefront of campaigns to combat prejudice on the basis of ethnic origin or religious belief;
  3. That it is an anti-fascist and anti-racist organisation;
  4. That a no platform policy is a key element in the figh t against racism on campus;
  5. That the no-platform policy compliments equial opportunities policies and the Public Order Act;
  6. That its premises are a safe space for anyone facing racist or fascist persecution.


This Union states:

  1. That no platform policies safeguard Union members from being subjected to the bigotry of racists and fascists;
  2. That some members are confused about what a no platform amounts to and that it is the responsibility of the officer team, supported by staff, to educate its active members on the issues surrounding a no platform policy.


This Union resolves:

  1. That no elected officer or the Union will speak on a platform with an individual who is known to hold racist or fascist views;
  2. To prevent any individual who is known to hold racist or fascist views from entering Union premises;
  3. To prevent any individual who is known to hold racist or fascist views from speaking at a Union event;
  4. Not to allow any individual who is known to hold racist or fascist views to distribute any written or recorded material in the Union which expresses those views;
  5. That resolutions one to four shall be known at the Union's 'no platform policy';
  6. To widely publicise this policy, not only to its members but also to the insitution through appropriate channels;
  7. To incorporate the 'no platform' policy into the Union's disciplinary procedure and use it accordingly.


The following organisations were presented as to be considered fascist and racist organisations:

  • British National Party - a political party formed as a splinter group from the National Front;
  • Britain First - a small group which split from the BNP in 2011;
  • Combat 18 - a neo-Nazi terrorist group associated with Blood & Honour;
  • English Defence League - a populist protest movement which apposes what it considers the spread of Islam;
  • National Front - a white supremacist political party;
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir - a political Islamist organisation believing in the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.


Proposed by: Pierre Marshall (11028191) & Tom Smith

Ratified by Trustee Board on: 12 December 2013

Expires on: 12 December 2016

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