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What does RAG do?

RAG stands for Raise and Give. We are a branch of the Brookes Union that is dedicated to raising money for good causes, and have fun doing it. It is run by the RAG President, a small committee and variety of student volunteers. We offer students the chance to get involved with fundraising by putting on events such as pub quizzes, raffles and so on. We're entirely student run, with the support of the Union, and welcome anyone and everyone to come and join us in raising some cash for great causes.


Who do we support?

RAG supports a local, national and international charity each year. The money we raise is split evenly at the end of the year. This year, your money will be going to Helen & Douglas House, Mind UK, and British Red Cross.


How do we support them?

We have a lot of ideas and plans in the works this year, some of those include:

·         Cake Sales

·         Raffles

·         Concerts

·         Pub Quizzes

·         Christmas Grottos

·         Film Nights




How to get involved


If you want to help us, you can become part of the general committee and help make our events a smash hit! Or you can keep up to date with our events via the Brookes Union Facebook page – come along to our events to have fun and raise some money for our three charities. We look forward to seeing you! 


Follow Brookes Union on Facebook and keep up to date with all our events and plans: facebook.com/BrookesUnion


Or request to join our Facebook group if you want to be involved in planning - we’d love to hear your thoughts:. 



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