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What does a rep do?

Student Reps exist to represent students on their course or department, and they raise problems (as well as successes), with the Union and the University which we then fight to resolve! Reps bring issues about their course or student experience (halls, buses, catering etc.) to University staff to develop and enhance their experience. 


How much time will I be giving?

You can give as much time as you can. You are here to study afterall. You will be invited to meetings with the University or invited to take part in focus groups. The more you do, the more you will be recognised by the Union and University. It is all about giving back to you course and your fellow students, so they will be looking to you for feedback. The role usually takes 1-2 hours of your time per week, so shouldn't take too much of your time.


Will I receive any training?

Training is delivered via an online platform and is available for you to work through at your own pace. In total, the initial training should take no more than an hour to complete and looks at:
- Being an effective Rep
- Academic Meetings
- Dealing with Student Issues
- How to effectively communicate

We will continue to add training through out the year which will be designed to improve and develop your skills moving forward.


I'm feeling stuck in my role, where can I get help?

You can contact the Brookes Union Reps team. They are here to help support and train you in your role. If you are ever unsure or want to ask a question, you can come and see them at the Brookes Union Reception (located in the John Henry Brookes Building) or contact them via email or telephone. Our email is and our number is 01865 484750, just ask for a member of the Reps team.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up here via the moodle link.




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