Staff Guide to Reps

This page contains information and resources for OBU staff for use in recruiting and supporting Student Reps.

The Staff Guide provides information and guidance on how to go about recruiting reps, and supporting them throughout the year. It lays out what responsibility you have as a staff member, and tells you how you can support Student Reps in feedback meetings. Everything you need to know is in this guide. – Download the Staff Guide here.

What do we expect of staff?

Effective student representation is the key to delivering excellent student experience at Brookes, and the reps system is the most important way in which we facilitate this. To do this, we rely on OBU staff and academics to recruit and support student reps.

It is the responsibility of staff to encourage as many students as possible to sign up as reps, and to be proactive in collecting and acting on student feedback!

We expect all academic/teaching staff to:

  • Inform all students at the start of each semester about the rep programme
  • Tell students why they should sign up using the recruitment resources
  • Direct students to our website to sign up to become a student rep
  • Promote the recruitment of Reps periodically throughout the year
  • Target individual students who you think would make a good rep, and encourage them to sign up


Brookes Union: Staff Guide to Reps

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