Brookes Union Safe Taxi Scheme

No matter where you are in Oxford, we'll help you get home safely. If you haven’t got the cash to get home, you can use our Safe Taxi Scheme.

Here's how it works:

  1. Phone 001 Taxis on 01865 406087. Alternatively order a taxi via the Brookes Union Safe Taxi tab on the 001 Taxi app.
  2. Give them your name, student number and destination.
  3. When the taxi arrives, give your student card to the driver to check your booking details.
  4. Visit the Union’s reception desk within 14 days to pay the price of your taxi fare.
  • About the scheme

    The Safe Taxi Scheme was launched as a partnership between Brookes Union and 001 Taxis in September 2019. The scheme was initiated to help students get home safely at all hours of the day, even if they don’t have any cash on them. It was commissioned following a review of the Safety Bus service provision and wider themes of safe travel in the city. The Safety Bus ceased operating at the end of Semester 2 in 2019.

    Daisy, VP: Welfare, stated:

    “I am really excited about the new Safe Taxi Travel Scheme as it means that students will have a safe and reliable means of getting home 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. The Safety Bus only operated between 9pm - 3am Mon- Sat, exc. Tue, and so the taxi scheme is a major improvement on this provision. The taxi scheme also offers additional benefits, such as vehicle tracking and text messages confirming your booking. I’d like to thank all of the Safety Bus volunteers for their dedication across the years. They have done an incredible job in helping students get home safely”.

  • Terms and Conditions of the Safe Taxi Scheme

    • The scheme is available 24 hours per day
    • There is a maximum allowance of £20 on the account
    • The drop off point must be a student residential address, Halls of Residence, police station or hospital.
    • You must visit the Union within 14 days to arrange to pay any fares incurred.
    • If the Safe Taxi Scheme is abused, then the Union and 001 Taxis reserves the right to discontinue the service. Students would be notified in this instance.
    • This offer only applies with 001 Taxis and no other taxi operators.
    • View the full terms and conditions here