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We’ve all been there. It’s 2am, you’re cold/lost/penniless and there’s no way of getting home without walking for an hour in the rain. Before, there were always your parents or friends with a car as a last call. In Oxford? We have the SAFETY BUS!

The Safety Bus scheme is a volunteer run welfare service for students at Brookes. Our main priority is to take vulnerable students home – but we will also transport any other students when we have the time to do so and all we ask for this is a voluntary donation of £1.

Volunteer for the Safety Bus


The Safety Bus is run entirely by students who volunteer their time.

Join the team and help students get home safely. You’ll learn new skills, including teamwork and the ability to work under pressure. You don't need to be able to drive to volunteer with us. 

Register your interest today. We’ll invite you to come and meet us to find out more about the role.







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