Grant Funding

We love that you run events. Your events help to make the Students’ Union the vibrant place that it is. We want to help you put on events/activities.

However we are unable to provide funding for every event that is put on by one of our societies, so in order to make our funding go further we have written some guidelines to help you understand what we can and cannot fund.

Firstly, grants are not designed to cover the day-to-day running costs of the group/society. These should be covered by membership fees, sponsorship and/or profit from events/activities.

The Union seeks to further support societies engaging in activities that reach a wider audience or have specific benefits for its membership. Grants are available for student-led initiatives that aim to develop one or more of the following areas:


Student outcomes


We would welcome grant applications that sought to promote lifelong learning skills that allow students to make a positive contribution to society, economy and the environment. We would also consider activities that foster collaboration across two or more Clubs & Societies for joint projects, events and activities. 




Activities and events that seek to provide additional well being to the student body; this could include (but not limited) to:

  • addressing social, economic, environmental or cultural issues

  • implementing constructive change in the local, national or international community

  • The activity will be assessed on the value added to the community, and the feasibility within the proposed timeline and requested budget.

  • provide opportunities for students to develop their social and civic responsibilities

Grants that are given out for Clubs & Societies wishing to engage with the local community in outreach, engagement and volunteering projects must be to facilitate the society in the community and cannot be given to community organisations directly.




Activities that promote students to acquire knowledge, skills and attributes that are valued by employers and that enhance their personal and/or professional lives. We would also consider a society wishing to develop innovation and strengthening collaboration with linked/related industry.


Additional guidelines for applications


All applications should provide clear outcomes and rationale for activity, which addresses an important social, environmental or cultural issue. The society must demonstrate their capacity to successfully undertake the activity and complete it during their term in office/committee.

Owing to the wide range of grant requests we receive and the unique nature of each, it is not possible to provide an absolute list of what will and will not be funded. The table below provides some examples of grants that are not provided by the Union.


What we don’t fund


Item Reasoning
Purely social tours and events Tours with joint social and developmental purpose are acceptable. Social events must further the group’s aims.
Events exclusively for the committee Society events should be open to all society members
Social balls or galas (except cultural events) Social balls or galas should charge a ticket price to cover event costs
Profit making events The Union doesn’t subsidise events that clubs and societies will make money on.
Non-Student Campaigns As a students’ union, Union funds must be spent on activities that directly affect the lives of our students.
Food and drink, and other consumables Students should fund food and drink themselves. Consumables includes items such as batteries or bulbs
Direct donations to other charities The Union can facilitate fundraising for charities but can’t make direct donations itself.

Application that only benefits a small

number of members (including

personal items i.e. committee t-shirts))

Items should benefit members generally (current and future).

Facilities already provided by the

Union (space, website hosting)

The Union provides many facilities free of charge already
Large or expensive one-off promotional materials (e.g. banners and roll-ups) You should consider investing in reusable materials such as banners with no dates
Flyers and leaflets

the Union no longer provides funding for flyers and leaflets, as they are unsustainable forms of promotion. Consideration should instead be given to other forms of publicity

Individual affiliation to governing bodies, associations, or groups A single individual cannot benefit from society resources.


For further info/guidance please contact the Students' Union