Society Tiering

In order to help us to provide the most appropriate support and oversight for societies we operate a system of grouping. The system is designed to make sure that we have the information and ability to do best by you and use our resources in a way that is most effective for our members. All Groups affiliated to Brookes Union will have access to:

  • Freshers Fairs.
  • Union and University room bookings.
  • Basic staff advice and support.
  • Will be able to put forward proposals to host One World Week and Arrivals week events.

Society Grouping

Performance Arts

Societies that are based around dance, music or theatre performance, and societies offering classes and/or performance opportunities. 

Culture and Faith:

Societies offering activity celebrating, seeking to engage, or supporting a community of students of a specific faith or culture.


Societies seeking to campaign on behalf of, or create a community to support students who belong to a sidelined or marginalised group, or who self-identify with protected characteristics.


Societies which associate themselves with an external political party, movement or motive.


Societies which aim to improve the experience of students studying on an individual/group of courses.

Hobbies and Interests:

Societies offering activity based around specified hobbies or interests.


These groups have specific resources available to them, for example performance arts groups will have priority on Union Hall bookings. 


Associated Student Group

This is designed to support groups put on activity without forcing them into a specific leadership structure or to hold elections.Whilst the union will still offer staff support and advice, Associated student groups won’t have access to financial support. Banking will be available and if used the same requirements for budgets will be placed on these these groups as other societies.

Registered Groups

These are groups that are affiliated or part of other, external groups. This could be a charity or religious groups.