Society Of The Month

Nearly every month we give a society of the month award. Aside from the prestige of being society of the month, your society also gains £100 grant funding! In order to be in with a chance of being awarded society of the month you need to fulfil the eligibilty criteria! The best way to do this is to keep us informed about what you are doing! This could be by using the events planning forms to let us know what you're doing (as you all would do anyway ;)), it could be that you take over the Union's social media outlets (contact us for more details), perhaps you want to send us loads of testomonials from happy students - whatever it is that you're proud of - let us know!

The society of the month is awarded for events that happen during that month.


Eligibility criteria

This award is to celebrate societies who have contributed significantly, made achievements, enhanced students’ experiences, or otherwise had a sizeable impact within or around the Brookes community.

Societies considered for the award must have contributed to, or made significant progress towards, one or several of the following points of consideration;



Holding open and fair elections, demonstrating high levels of membership involvement and support provision, attempting to make the society and its activity more accessible, inclusive or diverse, taking into consideration encouraging involvement from atypical members, and supporting also non-committee members to take positions of responsibility.


Hosting well-attended events relative to size, covering a variety of events, activities or initiatives, or consistently delivering on regular events, activities or initiatives. Events should aspire to be well-organised, good value for money, promoted through the SU website, beneficial to as many students as possible, inclusive and creative.


Making progress, forward planning, setting out and achieving objectives, demonstrating continued productivity, illustrating teamwork and leadership, being innovative, showing entrepreneurial skills, making new opportunities available, attending or undergoing training, or providing opportunities for members’ development of skills and/or employability.



Devoting time and/or effort to create relationships with a wider community beyond just current active members, such as collaborating with other societies or sports teams, or being active within the Union, University or local community. This includes getting involved in SU initiatives (e.g. Arrivals Festival or One World Week), volunteering or raising money for RAG, and contributing to a campaign/variety of campaigns (SU or otherwise).