Why not start your own society? 

Have you got a passion for something that you would like to share with others?

Do you have a great idea for a club that you think other students would like to get involved with?

Leading a society can be a rewarding experience; you'll pick up loads of new skills and will have a positive impact on other students' experience. Any currently enrolled Brookes student can start a society; all you need to get started is a great idea, a handful of like-minded students and the ability to fill out a really simple form.


What to do now? 

1) Inform yourself

Find out about the benefits and regulations for Student Union affiliated societies here.


 2) Submit a New Society Proposal Form

Use the New Society Proposal Form to explain what your society will be about. You should list at least 10 current Brookes students who will be interested in joining your society. Submit the completed form and the Societies Team will let you know once we have considered your proposal!

Society Proposal Form


From September 2019 OBSU will be changing their process for starting a new society. This process is tentatively being called 'The Society Incubator Programme'


Do you have an idea for a new society?

At the beginning of each semester the SU welcomes applications for new societies (this is a change to our previous model, but this way we are able to offer more support to new societies than ever before)

During weeks 0,1 and 2 new society applications will be open, if your application arrives after this time it will be considered at the start of the next semester.

By the end of week 2 the Union will have performed a suitability check for your society, this check will seek to ensure that; 

  • It doesn’t replicate any existing society

  • It doesn’t propose any reputational risk to the Union, and the wider community

  • It’s primary aims are for the benefit of the Students at Oxford Brookes

After this time, the qualifying societies will be uploaded on to the Union’s Big Ideas page where the entire student body will be able to see, and vote for their favourite suggested societies (Don’t worry there isn’t a cap on how many societies that can be created, it’s a tool to gauge how well they might be received).

After this period, any and all societies that are sufficiently well liked will enter into temporary affiliation where they will receive support and guidance in running two events (with a little financial assistance from the SU!) These events will take place during weeks 5 - 10

After week 10 the SU will invite the proposed society to have a short chat regarding their society’s direction and future plans, as well as what they have achieved so far, after this viability check is passed the society will become a fully fledged affiliated society of the Union.


3) Once you have been approved as a society

If your proposal has been successful, the Societies Team will email you with information about the next steps you will need to take to get your society off the ground. You will need to:

  • Register your society committee – you will need a committee consisting of a president, a treasurer, and one more person.
  • Prepare some information for your section on the Union website, and create a logo for your new society.
  • Attend a briefing with your new committee.
  • Go have some fun!