A solar-powered electronic display

by Lindsay Slark 23 November 2018, 19:24

Category: Facilities

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UPDATE on idea:

Unfortunately this idea is not feasible at the current time. 


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As you walk up to Brookes, you may (or may not!) be running late for class, but how can you tell? Well you have to stop, get your phone out of your pocket, perhaps twist your wrist and bend your neck, or... you could just look up!

I propose that Oxford Brookes could have a scrolling board, attached to the outside of the building, illuminated via solar power, which will give details such as; the time, (perhaps also in different time zones for the international students?) the date, the temperature.. but this is the basics!

Students will be able to submit their own messeges to the board -  Is there a social coming up, have the documentary club got a screening on or are the sports teams..doing sporty things again? Perhaps the bike man is on campus - (where does he hide himself anyway?)

The scrolling board will have all of the information you need, and even information you don't!