Clive Booth - limited time frame to resolve maintenance issues

by Auren Renford 08 February 2020, 17:20

Category: Accomodation

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Have you ever had that feeling that your maintenance reported issues are never going to be solved?

I've heard this again and again from my hallmates that they never know if and when their reported problems will be resolved. I'm certain that the maintenance team is doing the best they can but as long as Clive Booth accommodations management is not held accountable to resolving problems in a specific time frame than nothing will change and no one will be looking to improve and become more efficient. 

I want CB management to commit to solving reported problems within 2-3 weeks otherwise they should compensate the students accordingly. 

Once again I must emphasize that the maintenance team is doing a great job and the only problem is that there is no time frame to resolving issues once reported by us.