Full Lecture Capture at Brookes

by Deleted User 14 December 2017, 13:50

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UPDATE on progress:

We have met with the staff member running the review of the university wide lecture capture project. It is currently during preparation stages so to be presented to senior university staff and committees

We have given our full backing for the project for full integration across all teaching spaces within the institution with variable resourcing so to provide the best solution in each space. 

- Harry, VP: Academic Experience



Many Universities, such as Leicester, Manchester and Sussex, record lectures and put them online for students to watch again: this is known as "Lecture Capture", although it can also be used to record other forms of teaching. This is very useful for revision, and allows students to pay better attention to what their lecturer is saying rather than rushing to take notes. It has been shown to improve accessibility for students with disabilities and students who have English as an additional language, as well as improve teaching quality.

I believe that Brookes should have policy stating that all lectures and other teaching events should be automatically recorded and put on Moodle, other than when a lecturer or their students has opted out, and that staff should be fully trained on how to use Lecture Capture. 



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    Deleted User   wrote, 25-01-2018 - 18:16

    I have friends at other universities who have said how useful lecture capture is for them. Think it would be a really useful resource and would definitely help with revision!

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