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Dear University, 

I cannot believe that this needs to be said, but why is there no halal food available at the university? 

I am utterly bemused by this, and I fail to understand why you have deliberately neglected Muslim students' right to eat food that is permitted for them. It is completely unacceptable that as a university, you have not attended to people's needs regarding their food requirements. 

You are able to open a vegan restauran in Abercrombie, but have not made the effort to provide basic needs to students who can only eat certain types of foods? 

Are we ever going to see halal food at this university? It really is a shame, and, unfortunately, I cannot see that happening during my time. 

Best wishes, 



UPDATE on progress:

We’ve been working on an idea raised via our Big Ideas platform. We’re pleased to announce that the Uni is introducing a halal catering offer as of today (Mon 25 Jan):

  • Halal chicken dishes served in Taylors Yard as standard
  • Halal chicken and beef burgers available from the SU Bar on request
  • Harcourt Kitchen serving a hot Halal dish daily
  • A range of Halal wraps and sandwiches available across all campuses

Thanks to Akeel (the student who raised the idea and worked with us to make this happen), plus the Catering team and the Multifaith Chaplaincy.


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    Nafeesa Salmah   wrote, 06-02-2018 - 18:01

    I was here 6/2/18 :D

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    Deleted User   wrote, 09-03-2018 - 18:28

    I am intrigued by the weight of the student's voice; there has still not been an update regarding this, despite emailing the President. Once again, very below par.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 09-03-2018 - 18:36

    I have also been left feeling slightly bemused by the impact of this so called 'Uni Voice'. Apparently, it was supposed to be this 'big thing' that would actually effect change, though I have not, as of yet, seen any change being implemented. Also, I am thoroughly disappointed by how, having signed up to the uni voice team, I have no received no 'details of surveys, focus groups or questionnaires' which I 'can take part in'. Unfortunately, how can I be 'rewarded for [my] views' if you do not give me an opportunity to co-operate in the student experience. You make it very hard to 'get a free lunch', and yet, does it hurt to offer free food vouchers?

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