Oxford Brookes Commercial Awareness Society

by The Students' Union 02 October 2020, 13:12

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The aim of the Oxford Brookes Commercial Awareness Society aims to enhance the commercial awareness skills of its members. This will allow students to gain awareness of current affairs and more importantly how these changes may bring certain consequences to their profession and society as a whole.

Commercial awareness is crucial to a plethora of roles in the business world and is a skill which graduates often find hard to demonstrate during job interviews. The commercial awareness society aims to allow students to find ways to build up this soft skills and feel comfortable discussion and tackling questions relating to the commercial world.

We will provide students with a variety of materials and activities to help them develop their understanding. There will be a weekly newsletter with three articles written by the content creators covering news stories from that week which pertain to the commercial world. This articles will outline the stories but most importantly draw distinctions as to why these stories are important and how they will impact certain professions. Alongside that, we aim to host a number of events which will consist of panels/q&a sessions whereby speakers will come in and discuss certain subjects e.g. past recessions and how they relate to the current economy due to COVID and how this will impact certain fields of work or the growth of certain companies such as Amazon and how this is being legislated against and how this will impact other smaller companies and therefore other professions.

As well as panels and q&a's we hope to host workshops which will focus on how to show commercial awareness in job interview or application. This will be done in conjunction with firms/companies outside of Oxford Brookes who Katherine our commercial outreach officer will contact. Finally, a final event which we aim to put on virtually/socially distanced is a symposium which will relate to the panel/q&a. This will consist of a relaxed environment which will hopefully encourage people to discuss the matter and develop their understanding in a debate style setting.

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