Reduce Plastic Usage at Brookes Catering

by Mihaela Piculist 22 February 2019, 16:10

Category: University Petition

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Greetings everyone,


I have observed and I am sure that you have also observed this, that the University, especially on Headington Campus is using plastic for the salad, and fruits bowls, as well as for the coffee lids and other alimentary products that are wrapped in plastic. 

I believe that the University could further reduce the plastic consumption by replacing the one use and bin wrappings and bowls with use wash and reuse dishware. 

Yes, plastic is extremely flexible and accommodating with little flaws. But, plastic has also a tremendous impact on the environment. 

Students are very often buying foods and drinks on campus and eat them on campus, also disposing of the wrapping on campus. This could be replaced by students using dishware, such as mugs instead of one use coffee cups, plates and bowls with lids instead of plastic wrappers. For ensuring that the dishware is returned after use, a token could be asked from the students.

Climate Change is an ongoing issue that ignored will lead to a very unhappy future, we may not be able to stop the colaps of our planet in the near future. But if we work toghter we may be able to delay it long enough for someone to find a solution. 


M. P. 


Update on progress:

We're working with the University's Sustainability Team on this issue. 

Improvements made: 

- removed plastic disposable cutlery

- replaced plastic cups with reusable cups

- installed water points and fountains across campus to make it easier for students to bring their own water bottles 

- Abercrombie Cafe has gone plastic free