Reinstate the U5X Bus Service

by Harry Bower 15 October 2018, 15:05

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We believe the University should reinstate the U5X bus route. This bus is vital for students living and studying at Wheatley.


There are approximately 1,000 students living in halls alongside the U5X bus route (Slade Park, Crescent, Paul Kent and the Mews.) Students living in the private sector around the Cowley Road are also affected. These students now face a significant increase in commuting times to Wheatley, as they now have to take multiple different buses, this has also caused the remaining busses to be overcrowded (if not full) making students late for lectures, unable to attend lectures or having to comute using their own cars. These students also face a reduced bus service to the city centre.


Update on progress: 

I have now met with the University’s Senior Management Team to discuss the concerns around the removal of the U5x bus service. One of the problems we highlighted was difficulty getting to 9am lectures on time. The University has responded by implementing a shuttle bus service that will arrive at Wheatley campus at 8:51am. Whilst we are clear that this response does not go far enough to alleviating the problems with the removal of the U5x service, we are pleased to see the University acting on ours - and your - feedback. The University will be monitoring uptake of this service, with a view to considering extending the service in semester two. We will continue to lobby for a fuller replacement U5x service to be implemented - in particular a service that runs down the Cowley Road. We’ll keep updating you on progress. 


- Harry, VP: Academic Experience 


Dec 2018: the University has committed to running the shuttle service in Semester 2. We will continue to keep the service under review. 


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    CELINE PONIO BAGTAS   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 19:48

    Do not remove u5x

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    Alastair Ackroyd   wrote, 17-10-2018 - 08:46

    You cannot put first years in halls and not provide suitable means to get to their lectures. Its false advertising given that when they were applying they would have taken bus service into serious consideration.

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