Release Examiners' Reports

by Anonymous 29 January 2021, 18:06

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At University of Oxford, departments release examiners' reports for each course, where statistical and other relevant information are included, which generates more trust between the students and the university, and ensures transparency and accountability of the marking system.

These reports should contain the following information:

1. Statistical summaries of the exams/coursework marks, including: mean, standard deviation, median, maximum, minimum, quartiles. The Oxford University policy is not releasing this summary if there 2 and fewer candidates, and only releasing the mean and standard deviation if there are 5 or fewer. I would expect Brookes to adopt a similar policy.

2. Information on which papers were scaled, how they were scaled and why, i. e. "The mean was unusually low for this year's cohort in paper " " and so the the marks were scaled accordingly, with 40 being scaled up to 50 and 80 to 80, in order to increase the mean from x to y."

3. Any other relevant information, such as an issue with an exam question and how this issue was resolved.

I believe it would be useful for students to have access to this information, as they could then better assess their own performance, and in case of module selection, make a more informed choice with the use of this data if they wish to do so.


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    Aminul Islam   wrote, 19-02-2021 - 17:43

    Yes, detail scores should be informed to students at least.

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