The Oxford Brookes Croquet Society

by The Students' Union 06 October 2020, 11:54

Category: Students Union Petition

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To practice and eventually compete in the game of croquet. Also as a platform to socialise with other members of the university. Croquet is a game which can be played in a socially distanced manner which is why it works well and it is why we wish to start the society with immediate effect.

If you'd like to support this application for society status please sign this petition.


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    Henry Wilson   wrote, 08-10-2020 - 22:15

    fantastic idea

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    Lucas Jones   wrote, 09-10-2020 - 17:25

    Spiffing stuff

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    Sebastian Morris   wrote, 10-10-2020 - 11:42

    Very good idea indeed, top-notch stuff

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