Video of lectures should be available on Moodle.

by Ibrahim Mahmood 16 March 2018, 00:26

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UPDATE on progress:

We have met with the staff member running the review of the university wide lecture capture project. It is currently during preparation stages so to be presented to senior university staff and committees

We have given our full backing for the project for full integration across all teaching spaces within the institution with variable resourcing so to provide the best solution in each space. 

- Harry, VP: Academic Experience


While being present in a lecture is invaluable, allowing you to effectively engage with the content and the lecturer and to ask and answer questions, it is not always possible. Illness, disability and personal circumstances can often create unforeseen obstacles to physically attending a lecture, causing students to miss out on crucial information and a key part of the education that they have invested in. This is an all too common and fixable problem. 

I propose that the University train faculty in the use of its existing "lecture capture" system and actively encourage and facilitate the use of the system to record all possible lectures, especially and including those for compulsory and popular modules, across all subjects, and make these videos available on Moodle to students taking the relevant module.

The facilities already exist in the main lecture theatres at the major campuses including JHBB MLT, Harcourt Hill MLT and many more, and can be used to livestream and record lectures, and integrates both video of the presenter and lecture slides. A complete list of rooms as well as instructions on how to use the system and booking forms can be found via the Brookes website:

As a person with disability and health issue I'm frankly sick of playing catch up. Let's fix this problem because it doesn't need to be one.