Union Council

The Union Council meets regularly during the year and passes policy, which is implemented by the Union Officers, supported by the staff team. Notes from the meetings will be posted here as soon as they are completed, and any policy that gets passed can be found here.

Union Council is responsible for representing students, helping determine the policies of the Students’ Union and holding democratically elected representatives to account. Essentially, Union Council makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on. 

The Council has the power to:

  • Amend the Students' Union Bye-Laws, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority and the Trustees;

  • Propose amendments to the Constitution to the AGM, provided such amendments are approved by a 2/3 majority;

  • Request, receive and approve reports and minutes from Officers, its Committees or any other part of the Students’ Union’s democratic structures;

  • Request and receive reports from the Trustee Board or any of its Committees;

  • Create Working Parties to examine the detail of any proposal put to council;

  • Enact policy on behalf of the Students’ Union and its members;

  • Call for a referendum on any matter;

  • Declare an opinion on any matter;

  • Censure or dismiss (‘no confidence’) any Officer of the Union, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority;

  • Do anything else as may be jointly agreed with the Trustees.

Council is made up of the following positions:

  • The Brookes Union Sabbatical Officer team:

    • Union President

    • Union Vice Presidents

      • Welfare

      • Societies Development

      • Academic 

  • The Brookes Union Non-Sabbatical Officer Team:

    • Women's Officer

    • Environmental Officer

    • LGBT Students' Officer

    • Disabled Students' Officer

    • Mature Students' Officer

    • Post-graduate Students' Officer 

    • Ethnic Minorities Students' Officer

    • International Students' Officer

  • Chair of Council 

The following people may attend Union Council:

  • Any Member of the union.*

  • All Trustees of the Union, whether Members or not. 

  • Other people who are not full Members of the Union may only be present at Council at the discretion of the Chair

  • All of the above may attend but are not entitled to speak without the permission of the Chair.

*All currently enrolled students of Oxford Brookes University are considered Members unless they have written to the Union President to opt out and resign their membership.


For old documents, please see the Archives.