The Union Awards evening is one of the most exciting nights of the year! It takes lots of work and commitment to run a successful society. The Union Awards is our way of recognising all the effort societies put in across the year to support their members and provide them with opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank you for improving the lives of students year on year.

Jared Williams VP: Societies Development 2016/17

Image of a Brookes Union Award 2017

Winners of the Union Awards 2017

The Union Awards took place on Monday 24th April at The Four Pillars Hotel. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for an award. 


Society of the year 

OxArch Society 

New Society of the year 

OxFit Society 

Outstanding Single Society Event - Academic 

Quilliam Society 

Outstanding Single Society Event -Non-academic

Fortune Players

Best series of events 

Smash Bros

Rep of the Year 

Joshua Harris Jones 

Safety Bus Driver of the Year 

Sam Edwards 

Safety Bus Co-Driver of the Year 

Nathan Rutland 

Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union 

Becca Harrington 



The winners of the Union Awards 2016

The Union Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and commitment that many Oxford Brookes' students do in running student-led activities. 



New Society of the Year - Mixology

Outstanding Single Society Event - The Dance Society Show 

Best Series of Events - Drama and Improv

Society of the Year - Architecture (OxArch)



Best Rep in HLS - Thamina Chowdury and Laura Emberton

Best Rep in HSS - Harry Bush

Best Rep in TDE - Chris Fulton 

Best Rep in Business - Jordan Morris


Safety Bus

Best Driver - Bethany Fox

Best Co-Driver - Julian Gregory 

Outstanding Contribution to the Safety Bus - Gareth Coulson 


Outstanding Contribution to the Union

Joe Goldman 

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