Big Ideas

link to your Big Ideas page

Uni Voice Big Ideas is a quick and easy way to submit ideas for things you want to change. These could be any ideas on how to improve the student experience at Brookes, or even on a local or national level.

We can’t wait to hear your Big Ideas.

A few things to consider when you submit your idea:

  • What is the issue you want to solve?
  • What impact does this have on the student experience?
  • Have you got ideas of how to solve this issue? What would you like seen done?


Once you’ve submitted your Big Idea, other students will have 30 days to vote on the issue. They can either like or dislike your idea online. The more people who like your idea the better, so get spreading the news. Ideas that get enough votes will be presented to Union Council for a decision.

You can track the progress of your idea along the top of the Big Ideas page. Some ideas may be quite complex, and so might take longer to implement, whereas some may be quite straightforward.




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