Student life can be stressful; you’re adapting to a new place, new people and new accommodation. All of this can be exciting and enjoyable, however it can also be difficult and challenging. Even if you find the switch to uni life easy, you might find there comes a point when you find that you aren’t coping with something as well as you thought you would do. It’s okay, to not be okay. You are not alone. 

Just like physical health, we all have mental health, and this can vary from time-to time. We want everyone to love their time at Brookes. Sometimes you need a little support. We've compiled a list of some of the places that you can find help and support during your time at Brookes. 

You can find more information and support by clicking on the links below:


Link to help and support Link to exam stress link to wellbeing week

Link to Student Minds peer support group