Brookes Union is run by students, for students. Every year, students at Oxford Brookes vote in elections to elect their representatives for the following year. These officers work to boost the voices of the student body, to improve the student experience at OBU.

Every student at Oxford Brookes University is automatically a member of the students’ union (unless you choose to opt out) and is therefore eligible to vote for the student officers, to submit and vote on motions at the General Meetings, and to represent their course mates and peers through the Student Rep and Student Network systems.

Every member of Brookes Union is able to get involved in, and influence decisions made by the Union, including campaigns, policy, officer scrutiny and elections.

Brookes Union has four full-time officers, and ten part-time officers, who look after student campaigns, activities, societies, student welfare, and education. The Union is separate to the University, which means that we are on the side of students, and are able to hold the University to account, and lobby them for change. Students in turn hold the Union accountable, through General Meetings, which are the supreme decision making body in the Union.

The Union is obliged to follow the rules laid out in our Constitution and Bye-Laws.

Getting involved in Brookes Union is one of the best ways you can help make a difference to the student experience, so have a look through our website and find out about all the opportunities you have to improve the lives of students at Brookes!