General meetings

General Meetings happen monthly and are held over Zoom. At least 30 students must attend for the decisions made to be binding.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the General Meeting. The General Meeting makes important decisions which shape the direction and politics of Brookes Union.

General Meeting's have finished for this academic year. Dates for 2021/22 will be added soon. 

See results for previous motions at this General Meeting below:

  1. Oxford Brookes is not accessible for all - Passed (23 votes for, 5 votes against, 13 abstentions) 
  2. A motion for Brookes and Brookes Union to declare a climate emergency, and act in acknowledgement of the climate emergency - Passed (29 votes for, 4 votes against, 6 abstentions)
  3. Amendment to the motion: ‘Motion for Palestine’  - Rejected (13 votes for, 29 votes against, 3 abstentions) 
  4. Brookes Union outsourcing motion - Passed (19 votes for, 6 votes against, 14 abstentions) 
  5. Motion for Palestine - Passed

You can find the voting results and minutes of the previous meeting here.

What is a General Meeting?

A General Meeting is a large forum where any student can come to debate and determine the direction of Brookes Union. As Brookes Union is directed by you (students) as members, we use General Meetings to adopt a collective stance on issues and decide what action we will take in the coming year.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the General Meetings, and any student can submit a motion for change. A motion consists of an idea that you think the Union should follow. For example, many Union’s have passed motions proposed by students to boycott certain products such as Nestle, as they are seen by many to be unethical. Any student can attend, and any student can submit a motion for discussion.


If you want to submit a motion, please check out our Guide to Policy document, which explains in detail how you can write and submit a motion. If you just have an initial idea, and want some support in writing a motion, please contact and we can help you to write your policy idea.


If you see a motion that you would like to support but think there should be some changes, you are able to submit amendments to the motion. You can email any amendments to motions to

What if I can't make it?

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but still want your voice to be heard and your vote to be counted, you can have another student attend and vote on your behalf. That means another individual attends, speaks and votes on your behalf. A proxy may only vote on behalf of themselves and one other person.

If you wish to appoint a proxy, please fill in this appointment of proxy form. It must be returned to the Student Voice team before the day of the General Meeting. You can find us in the Brookes Union office in the JHBB.