Daniel D'Souza-Eva - Manifesto

Hello! My name is Daniel, and I’m running to be your Postgraduate Students’ Officer. I pledge to represent the concerns, views and opinions of all postgraduate students. I will also lobby for improvements relating to issues that affect us.

If elected, I will:

Campaign for free travel on the Brookes Bus service for all postgraduate students

Currently, this is only available to undergraduates and limited to students on just three postgraduate courses. We are likely to be saddled with debt and being asked to pay hundreds more for an annual pass is outrageous. I am sure you agree this is also profoundly unfair, especially for students who live far from their campus. I hope you will join me in petitioning our university and the Oxford Bus Company to allow all postgraduates safe and unrestricted access across this beautiful city.

Endeavour to make sure the quality of your research is not affected by COVID-19 restrictions

We have the opportunity to use wonderful facilities to support our research at Brookes. However, there is a lack of clear information for postgraduate access to laboratories during the pandemic. I will do my best to ensure safe, fair and effective policies are published by the university regarding usage of lab facilities. This would range from equipment sanitisation, to social distancing requirements.

Advocate for partial refunds on tuition fees

It has become evident that postgraduates, alongside all students, have been hit hard by COVID-19. Paying £8,500- £16,000 for the privilege of attending Zoom sessions mixed with the occasional face to face lecture is simply not good enough. In addition to the lack of contact with staff and a lower quality university experience, Brookes has a responsibility to lessen the financial burden on students.

Should you have any questions relating to my policies or would like me to campaign for something, feel free to email me at: 19142450@brookes.ac.uk.