Tannah Collier - Manifesto

Hello! My name is Tannah and I’m studying LLM International Law this year at Brookes. I use she/they pronouns interchangeably. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that climate change and environmental destruction are the biggest challenges we face collectively. 

Whether you are new to environmentalism or a seasoned activist, you can trust that I will fairly represent the student body’s environmental concerns and work towards making a difference. I aim to widen awareness and increase direct participation in environmental issues to create effective, lasting change. 

I am very open to hearing ideas from all students and especially those from minority or marginalised groups who often have to shout louder for their voices to be heard.

My campaign motto ‘Awareness, Participation, Action’ is central to driving to my manifesto ideas.

My ideas for the environmental network are:

  • Widen the availability of sustainable plant-based food options on campus in time for Veganuary and demand that the top three food outlets commit to one meat-free day a week thereafter. 

  • An end of year ‘swap shop’ to reduce waste and encourage ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ 

  • A week-long series of environmental-themed events leading up to Earth Day in April. 

  • Widen awareness and access to making sustainable choices on a student budget e.g zero-waste alternatives, cycling, shopping sustainably, veg box schemes etc.

  • I would LOVE to set up a Brookes community garden/allotment where students can grow their own food, learn new skills and eventually create a self-sustaining community larder of fresh produce and surplus food. 

  • Continued rewilding and tree planting in campus spaces. 

  • Widen environmental participation throughout the student body by incentivising green and sustainable choices.

  • Ensure that Brookes remains accountable and on-track for its own sustainability and environmental targets with scrutiny from the student body. 

Whether you vote for me or not (though you definitely should!) please do get involved in the environmental network. Action requires as many people to be involved as possible and if I am voted in, we will need all hands on deck to get things done! 

Thank you for reading and peace out!