Tom Wisniewski - Manifesto

I pledge that if I were elected to the role of Sports Officer I will represent the concerns, views and indeed voices of Sports Students within the Students’ Union. I will take these points and translate them into a meaningful case to improve affairs across the board. Aside from this I would aim to promote sport wider throughout the University and to the surrounding community.

Apart of my main duties, I will aim to liase with all sports teams to gain a real understanding of the needs and what is lacking with each club that is stopping them reach their full potential if that is found to be the case. Whether that would be in the form of funding and if a necessary challenge is required, or that being more exposure specifically on the University's main sports Social Media channels.

Being in a position of experience being apart of Rugby Union for four years, I will be fully versed in the unions constitution relating to sport and all relevant policies. I will aim to make sport as successful as it can be at Oxford Brookes University.